Happy Birthday, Westby! 

I want to wish a big happy birthday to my hometown of Westby! When people have asked over the years where I'm from, I always say, "a little town in the NE corner of Montana but you've never heard of it" and every now and then, someone HAS heard of it! I always love coming "home" and Westby will always be "home" to me. When I say to my kids, "back home", they know I mean Westby! I also want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of the Westby folks who planned this celebration and made it happen! I am very much looking forward to being there! Happy birthday, Westby! 

 Jan (Onstad) Rasmussen, WHS 1957

Happy Birthday Westby!

   I was cruising the net and decided to check out what was happening in Westby and found that the best town in America was celebrating it's centennial this year. I was privileged to attend Westby High school my sophomore year (1967/8). If I had my way I would have graduated a Westby Ranger and settled down to live there. My mother had other plans, so when my father retired from the oil fields we moved back to Texas. It has been 45 years since I have been back to Westby but a part of me is always going to be in love with her. Westby and the people of the area for ever changed my life for the better. No place I lived had ever accepted me for the person that I was. And no group of people influenced the course of my life like my friends, school mates, and their families in Westby did. I sought a degree in electronics, worked for the Army Civil Service, joined the Air force and attained the rank of E-5 in 3 years. I have since worked as a hospital engineer and taught school in 2 districts. As I am nearing retirement age I am working in a hydraulic repair shop in Palestine, Texas. There is a lot less stress outside the classroom.

   Still i wish that life had twisted my fate differently sometimes and kept me among you all. Who knows what might have lay in store for me in Westby. Such was not to be my fate. So i wish to offer my congratulations to the grand city of Westby on her centennial birthday and I would like to give a hardy East Texas howdy to those that remember me. But especially to my best friend Wade Bjorgen and all his brothers and sisters and to Tanya, Peggy, and Scott Osksa and Lynn Tangedal and Jean Hagen. I remember you all and too many others to name. Maybe before my time is up I might find my way back for a visit one never knows what fate has in store........

Kenneth "Wilber" Brasher

Palestine Texas

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