If you submitted an online request for tickets to this event you need to RESUBMIT. Due to a glitch in software all requests submitted prior to July 8th - 7:00 PM were NOT received. 
Remember there is a limited number of tickets available for this event. 



WINE 101


 Tickets are now on sale for the special wine event to be held in conjunction with the 2013 Centennial.

  One hundred tickets will be sold at $15.00 per ticket for the event to be held on Thursday, July 11th at 6:30 on Main Street. It is expected to last an hour and promises to be fun, educational, and pleasing to your palate.  Three wines will be reviewed, discussed and sampled over the course of the evening.

  Chuck Ubben, a Certified Wine Specialist, has worldwide knowledge of all aspects of wine and has offered to share his expertise.  Chuck is the On-Premise Wine Manager for Southern Wine and Spirit of Kirkland, Washington, and will be on hand to offer this little class on wines and what makes them different.

   If you would like to reserve your tickets before arriving in Westby you can reserve your tickets by filling out the form to the right.  Or you can purchase your tickets by contacting Jody Bednarzyk at 385-2630 or 406-390-0118 or picking them up from her at the New Century Ag Terminal.

"Spirit of Westby" Wine Tasting Ticket Request

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